Since 2000

Helping the Poor and Raising Awarness

Our History

We were founded by a team of people passionate about change and helping those in need.

Ever since our launch we have fought all odds to survive to keep doing the good the world deserves.

Families Helped

Orphans Sponsored



What Drives Us

Our Mission

To be the provider of care for those in need. It’s simple, yet an incredibly difficult implementation is needed. But, our team is always ready to face the challenges they’ve dedicated their time and efforts for.


More about who you’re helping.

Poor people

We always try and capture the essence of our faith in our missions and we try constantly to stick to them. Charity towards the poor is a part of our identity as Muslims and that’s why we fight hard to provide it for those in need.


Orphan care is one of our main focuses in Assalam Charity. Sponsoring orphans in our faith is a great deed and Prophet Mohamad PBUH has told us about the great reward there is in it. Other than the great reward in the after life, there is all types great societal reward in creating a community that supports it’s orphans.


More about us

How long have you guys been a charity?

We began operating in 2000, we have since strived to provide a helping hand using good hearted people’s donations. 

Who is considered an orphan?

An orphan is a child whose parents have died, are unknown, or have permanently abandoned them. In common usage, only a child who has lost both parents due to death is called an orphan, this is to say,  some of our Orphans have only lost one parent.

What does sponsoring an orphan mean?

You will be providing the Orphan’s legal gaurdians with a monetary amount that gives them accesses to their basic needs.

If i sponsor an orphan, will i be updated on their well-being?

Yes we will send you regular updates about the Orphan. 

How long until my donation is processed?

Your donation will usually be processed immediately. Sometimes projects have a payout date(in case of a third party or if x-amonut needs to be reached before we can go ahed with the projcet), in that case Assalam Charity will withhold your donation until the donation payout date.

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