About Us

About Us

Build Great Future with Great Charity

Assalam Charity supplies human service through relief work, community and environmental development, and presenting projects in a variety of fields, including:

  • Social services.
  • Support sports activities.
  • Support education and creativity.
  • Help for refugees and sick people.
  • Relief for those affected by disasters and wars.
  • Sponsorship of orphans and widows.
  • Help for people with special needs.

Eliminating poverty

We aim to aid in the fight against poverty. We do this through Sadaqah.

Food Supply

Food is scarce in many places in the world. Contribute to people who feel hungry every day. 

Home Shelter

Grant safe shelter to those who suffer from harsh winter conditions.

Clean Water

Provide clean and accessible water.

Our Values

Collaboration across
Sustainable Development

Our Vision

We aim to be one of the leaders in emergency aid and charity as well as social work, both in Denmark and outside Denmark.

Our Mission

We provide financial aid and relief to the poorest and most needy globally. We want to ensure the orphaned and most severely affected families have the best possible living conditions. We focus on providing emergency assistance for the many with special needs, including people with disabilities.

Vision & Mission

Show your support by donating

Our community consists of people from various demographic backgrounds who are united by the common desire to give back.

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Our Story

Assalam Charity

We are a social services non-profit organisation providing emergency assistance to impoverished families regardless of race, ethnicity or background.

We launched our charity in 2006 from a tiny office in Aarhus, Denmark. Today, we are a worldwide organisation helping over 5,000 families. 

We are currently distributing heaters, winter clothing and basic needs in Northern Syria to people struggling to survive in the current harsh winter conditions. 

Our Achievements

We’ve Raised Over 5 million DKK to Help Impoverished People Around the World

We have managed to provide long-term sustainable assistance to the vulnerable communities and assist them toward self-reliance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Your donation goes directly to the cause you choose to support. At times, transactional and administration fees may be charged.

We have teams sectioned in every country where we provide aid. For instance, if you donate towards a food basket in Benin, Africa, your money will purchase the respective supplies. The project is set to carry out as soon as sufficient funds meet our quota.

The reach of your donations is dependent on two factors:

  1. The size of your donation
  2. The cause to which you donated.

There are several causes to which you can donate. If you, for example, build a well, then your donation is a long term donation and will be used to provide water for a whole village and can last two or three generations. This kind of donation is called "Sadaqah Jariyah."

Suppose you choose to donate to a cause involving one-time activities such as a food basket for the family. Then, you can expect your donation to reach a family.

A lot of times, when donating online. The question of: How can I make sure that my donation was used correctly?  Arises.

In such a case, whether you are donating through our organisation or other organisations. We often advise you to look for social proof online. This could be social media posts on Facebook or Instagram.

The responsibility of an individual assessment of the Charity organisation lies with you.

You can look for certain factors like payment methods or the site SSL (security certificate) status.

Lastly, we encourage you to contact us in case of any doubts or concerns you may have. Our donation support team loves to hear from you and discuss any further questions you may have.