Help the poor people in Africa.

In Benin, Africa. Almost 40% of the population don’t have access to potable drinking water. Your kind donations enable us to dig water wells.

We built a well in Benin, Africa using your donations.

As of 2014, roughly 40% percent of people in Benin had access to potable water. But this figure conceals major disparities between the various regions of the country. In order to provide water for a village in Benin we performed a project to dig a well. The villagers were extremely happy with the results and now they have to travel smaller distances to reach the water. 

Our Basic Human Rights

 It was reported that the prophet Mohamad said, that the best sadaqah is that of providing water. We are working towards, giving more water access to many more places. Not just in Benin, but also in other places in Africa.