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We watch what is happening to the trapped people of Gaza, and we witness the images of destruction and demolition of houses and the killing of innocent children, women and the elderly from afar. You might feel powerless because of the distance, but you’re not!
So, what can you do?
We invite you, to put your hand with the thousands of people in a similar position like you. To aid in healing the wounds and alleviating the suffering of our people in Gaza.
Assalam Charity asks you to stand with Gaza and to support them to the best of your capabilities, for they are sacrificing their blood, tears, and souls, whilst their homes are bombed and demolished. The people of Gaza have no one to turn to except to your kindeness and generousity. We are a lucky people who are living in an abundance of peace, which God has granted us.
Contribute even a little and incite others to that and seek the rewards of God.
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